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Pas sur que je le joue mais je prend. Rating of 7 on 10. MAD, Lausanne DARLING, Lausanne EPSYLON, Vevey various webradios.
DJ Ons

DJ Ons - Rating

I rate the New Year Countdown 6 out of 10. I will use the countdown section of the Mix on New Year's Eve. For now I will only use this mix. DJ Ons. Rating
DJ Yonel

DJ Yonel - Rating

Yes - for me this is good for my club - Will be using New Year's Dance Countdown. le saxo discothèque Rating of 7 on 10.
DJ Sir Charles

DJ Sir Charles - Rating

This is one of these novel tracks of the season that can be an idea for mobile and some few other DJs to keep in the season bag.
Dj Howard aka Bside

Dj Howard aka Bside - Rating

This cool, Sound on my radio program. Rating of 6 on 10. Enter Radio Station Here
Christmas Dance Holiday Mix